BCN3DCSIC y CENIM, EurecatFundación CIM de UPC, TMCOMAS, SamyLabsColfeedGrupal Art and Bcircular, join forces to bring the VIVALDI project to life.

The general objective of the project is to carry out industrial research on the recovery of waste from composite, metallic and ceramic materials through the generation of recycled powders for incorporation into the feedstock of additive manufacturing processes, such as hopper-fed thermal extrusion (Fused Feedstock Manufacturing, FFM) and Selective Laser Fusion (SLM).

BCIRCULAR will be the company in charge of recycling compound waste from different sectors and producing high-quality powder suitable for the growing additive industry. In this way, BCIRCULAR will explore a new way of applying recycled fibers.

VIVALDI is part of the MISIONES Program financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation – CDTI. The project has a total budget of €1,720,818 and will last 26 months.