TRC enters the Phase I of the European Framework Program for Horizon 2020 financing of the European Commission. In this first phase, TRC will have the coaching service provided by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and financing for the development of the Business Plan, a fundamental element for presenting a solid and innovative project in Phase II of the Program.

SME Instrument is a subprogram of the 8th European Framework Program for the financing of R & D & I Horizon 2020, whose focus is exclusive for small and medium enterprises. The program consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Concept and evaluation of viability

The program finances the “Business Plan” or project feasibility study.

Phase 2: Demonstration and commercial replication

The program finances the activities of research, development, demonstration and commercial replication. These activities include the realization of prototypes, tests, design of innovative processes, performance verifications, among others.

Phase 3: Marketing

The European Union aims to facilitate access to private capital and facilitating environments, in order to establish links and access to risk financing.